What’s inside

The latest version includes:

  • Raspbian BUSTER (stable) with Java version 1.8.0_212

  • Domoticz v 2020.2


  • Grafana with the InfluxDB database already configured and added.

http://IP_raspberry:3000 login: admin, password: admin

  • MyDomoAtHome – data exchange server between Domoticz and ImperiHome

  • HA Bridge  – The bridge acts as a proxy between Amazon Alexa and IoT devices defined in Domoticz (Alexa, Philips hue, etc.)


  • Webmin – easy system management. Software updates, backup creation, user management.

https://IP_raspberry:10000 login i password same as to SSH

  • Monit – watches over Domoticz and automatically brings him back to life.

http://IP_raspberry:8812 login: admin password: monit

  • Dashticz V3 – graphic overlay for Domoticz


  • Mosquitto + MQTT in domoticz

  • Zigbee2mqtt server with the domoticz plugin zigbee2mqtt

  • Theme Aurora i Machinon

  • Plugin domoticz-Airly i Broadlink RM2 test on RM-mini3

  • Midnight Commander (MC)

  • Server FTP

ftp://IP_raspberry login i password same as to SSH

  • Server ZERO-TIER – remote access to Raspberry and Domoticz.