Is Smarticz some kind of Domoticz?

No! Smarticz is the industry name of Domoticz. And in this case, the Domoticz package we have prepared with additional services useful for operating a smart home.

How to install Smarticz?

The file available for download is an image of the card with already installed programs, plugins, libraries and services by default. In order to upload it to a memory card, it’s best to use Balena.io software.

After installation, the system will occupy about 4Gb on the card, and the rest of the card will not be assigned to the system. To use the entire surface of the card, run sudo raspi-config from the console, then select expand filesystem in advanced option.

How to connect to RPi?

Make a connection via SSH. To connect to RPi via SSH, you can use Putty program, which can be downloaded from the putty.org official website.

The default connection data is:
login: pi
password: raspberry

These data should be changed after the first connection for security reasons.

Why are automatic backups and updates of Domoticz disabled in Smarticz?

Automatic database backups made on the same media as the whole system do not make sense, because if the media fails, we still have nothing to restore the system from. Updates, however, are best done from the terminal level after stopping the server, in addition, such updates should be made under the full control of the user who is aware of this and should not be done e.g. by wife or children when prompted on the desktop.

How to backup Domoticz?

Select from the Configuration / Settings / Backup / Restore menu. After pressing the button you can download it locally to your computer.

You can also set a cron task with a script that will automatically copy to your chosen location the domoticz.db file containing all settings and logs.

Another way is to use Webmin, where you have the option of backing up any files and directories (also with sending them to an ftp server).